Lucifer Was
  Welcome to a world of angels and demons, passion and sorrow, rhyming guitars and heavy rhythms. Welcome to the world of Lucifer Was, a Norwegian band that keeps the best of the 70's prog rock traditions alive in a modern setting.  

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Lucifer Was in pictures

Lucifer Was, the band

From left: Andreas Sjo Engen, Arne Martinussen, Thore Engen, Jon Ruder, Igor Kill, Einar Bruu, Rune Engen (photo: Paul Dagfinn Lervik)

Lucifer Was, the band

Thore Engen and Igor Kill at sound check (photo: Paul Dagfinn Lervik)

Lucifer Was, the band

Drummer Rune Engen at soundcheck (Photo: Paul Dagfinn Lervik)

Lucifer Was, the band

Thore Engen and concertmaster and violinist Jan Stigmer, 2009 (Photo: Paul Dagfinn Lervik)

Thore Engen

Thore Engen, the band leader

Lucifer Was on stage

Lucifer Was June 9 2007, Releaseparty for The Divine Tree, performing Spoonful by Willie Dixon. Left to right: Arild Brøter, Jon Ruder; Freddy Lindquist, Thore Engen, Tore Bereczky. Photo: Dagfinn Paul Lervik

Jon Ruder in the studio

Jon Ruder in the studio.

Einar BruuRune Engen, drumsAndreas Engen, guitarsFreddy Linquist, guitars

Einar Bruu, bass; Rune Engen, drums; Andreas Engen, guitars; Freddy Linquist, guitars

Lucifer Was, anno 1970

Lucifer Was around 1970, taken from the Lucifer Was fan site. Back: Thore Engen, Tor Langbråten; Front: Anders Sevaldson, Kai Frilseth and Einar Bruu.

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