Lucifer Was
  Welcome to a world of angels and demons, passion and sorrow, rhyming guitars and heavy rhythms. Welcome to the world of Lucifer Was, a Norwegian band that keeps the best of the 70's prog rock traditions alive in a modern setting.  

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Lucifer Was

Lucifer Was are a Norwegian heavy prog rock band strongly influenced by early seventies guitar, flute and vocal-oriented melodic progressive heavy rock.

The band's heavy guitar based sound is characterized by the creative use of the flute and unusual instruments like the Mellotron. Imagine a mix of Black Sabbath and early East Of Eden, with a dash of Jethro Tull.

Band leader Thore Engen's lyrics have a mystical flair, and all the albums so far are part of a larger poetic cycle on the fall of the angel Lucifer. will help you find the best resources on the Web devoted to this amazing band.

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Latest news

New album! New album! New album!

Lucifer Was' 6th album, titled "DiesGrows", will be out on Transubstans Records ( September 10th 2014.

Lucifer Was Dies Grows album cover

The players are:
Jon Ruder - Vocals and acoustic guitar
Thore Engen - Lead guitar and acoustic guitar.
Andreas Sjo Engen - Guitar
Arne Martinussen - Organ, mellotron, piano, background vocals
Einar Bruu - Bass
Rune Engen - Drums, Ududrum, percussion
Lise-Marit "The Witch" Haugen - Flute
Anders Sevaldson - Flute

Produced by Thore Engen & Jørgen G. Henriksen

New single from Lucifer Was: Autumn Serenade

Autumn Serenade

In the summer of 2012 Lucifer Was released a new single called Autum Serenade. The song can be dowloaded from iTunes and is available on Spotify and Wimp.

The Crown of Creation Album is Out!

This is a true crossover-project between classical music and rock. The theme for the work: “A cyclus from genesis (not the band..) to escathology (the science and the wonder of the final things to come after death)”

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See discography for more information.

The Crown of Creation in Concert!

Lucifer Was headlined the Southern Discomfort Metal Festival in Kristiansand, Norway, on the 12th of September 2009.

The band performed the forthcoming album The Crown Of Creation in its entirety together with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra's chamberorchestra under the the direction of the world known violinist Jan Stigmer. Here are videos of two of the songs:


Lucifer Was was established in 1970 in Oslo, Norway.

Underground and BeyondThe band played regularly in the Oslo area until 1976. From 1976 until 1996 the activity was more sporadic, although they did play some sessions and spent some time in the studio.

The band reunited with the original lineup in 1996 and released Underground And Beyond in 1997. That CD consists solely of material from the period 1970-1972. Underground And Beyond was also released, in a very limited run, as a vinyl picture-LP.

In Anadi's Bower

The follow-up, In Anadi's Bower, was recorded in 1999 and 2000 and released in March 2000. The band spent a lot of time in the studio finalizing the album, introducing the use of keyboards and the mellotron.

The recording sessions of the group's third offering, Blues From Hellah, got started around 1982, initially prepared as a Thore Engen solo-album. Although he did work on the album for several years, it was reworked and finalized during 2001 and 2002, now with a string-quartet and new lyrics to fit the Lucifer Was concept. The album was released in 2003, twenty years in the making.

Blues from Hellah

Underground And Beyond was re-released in 2005 including two bonus-cuts of earlier material that included Ketil Stensvik of the legendary Norwegian heavy prog band, Aunt Mary, on drums.

cover - the divine tree

The band's fourth CD, The Divine Tree, was released in the summer of 2007. Many agree that this probably is the best album of them all so far, with a crystal clear production. Jon Ruder sings better than ever. Thore Engen proves again what a good guitar artist he is, and his son Andreas follows suit. Einar Bruu (bass) and Rune Engen (drums) provide a solid foundation for a great musical experience.


The current core line-up of the group consists of:

Jon Ruder, Vocals, acoustic guitar
Thore Engen, Lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Andreas Sjo Engen, Guitar
Arne Martinussen, Organ, mellotron, piano, background vocals
Einar Bruu , Bass
Rune Engen, Drums, Ududrum, percussion
Lise-Marit “The Witch” Haugen, Flute

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